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The Best Long Term Ammo Storage Tips

There are many opinions when it comes to determining the best way to store ammo long-term. Long term ammo storage is a hot topic in online forums or among the scholarly folks at the local gun shop. Lucky for us, the US Military has already spent tons of money on dedicated research and development and has a century of real-world, operational, ammo storage experience to help us settle and solve this long-contested debate. Read on to learn how the military handles long term ammo storage in the most extreme environments.

The Best Ammo Cans Are Now Available at Clean Ammo Cans!

The team at is super excited to announce the arrival of brand new, USGI ammo cans! It is usually pretty hard to get access to new manufacture USGI ammo cans, but we got some! Most readily available new production ammo cans are Chinese manufactured knock-offs that are not made to US or NATO specs. Read on to hear about a couple of the many differences between US military spec ammo cans and the Chinese variants.

How to Recharge Ammo Can Desiccant Without Burning It

The desiccant sold by is a premium moisture absorption solution that is specially sized for the volume of small arms ammo cans to ensure your expensive ammo stays protected from moisture during long-term ammo storage. But what do you do if you need to open the ammo can at some point to put additional ammo inside or pull some ammo out, introducing new moisture into the can? In contrast to cheaper desiccant products or silica-based moisture absorbers, our clay-based desiccant is reusable after a simple “reactivation” process. However, the instructions printed on the packets are specifically written for military applications and may not provide good results for home use with a consumer grade oven. Read on to learn how to reliably reactivate your desiccant at home!

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