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10 Pack - Mil-Spec Ammo Can Desiccant
The Best Desiccant for Ammo Cans is Right Here at!

10 Pack - Mil-Spec Ammo Can Desiccant

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10 - USA Made Mil-Spec Ammo Can Desiccant Packets in Foil Moisture Barrier
Part Number: 1/2UCD-10
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The Best Mil Spec Moisture Absorbing Desiccant for Long Term Ammo Storage

Safeguard your expensive ammo for long-term storage with a 10 pack of rechargeable, USA Made, high quality, mil-spec, moisture absorbing desiccant. Each desiccant kit is packaged in a triple sealed, foil moisture barrier bag. We worked with a leading protective packaging firm that specializes in packaging sensitive aerospace components for the US Government to create the highest quality moisture absorbing solution for long term ammo storage. The size of desiccant pack included in this kit was calculated based on the volume of the M2A1 ammo can. The desiccant packs will provide more than enough moisture absorption for the M2A1 50 cal size ammo can and include a very large safety margin when used with the M19A1 30 cal ammo can. We did the research and put together the best desiccant kit for long-term ammo storage using high quality, USA Made, name brand components.

Each 10 pack of ammo can desiccant is packaged in a triple sealed, mil-spec, foil moisture barrier bag to ensure your desiccant is fresh when you receive it. Desiccant that is packaged in zip-loc baggies or even sealed poly bags can go bad while on the shelf because plastic/poly is not impervious to moisture like a foil moisture barrier package. When packaged in plastic bags, which are 3,000 times more porous than foil barrier film, desiccant will begin absorbing moisture from the atmosphere while in the package. Hermetically sealed moisture barrier bags like what is used in this kit will guarantee the desiccant is fresh upon arrival with the full moisture absorbing properties preserved for your long term ammo storage needs. Computer hard drives, cell phones and other sensitive electronics components are commonly packaged in similar foil moisture barrier material.

The clay based, Tyvek wrapped desiccant packets meet or exceed the MIL-D-3464 Type I & II, MIL-D-3436, MIL-I-8835 and J-STD-033D specifications and can be recharged in the oven at 245 degrees for 16 hours to be reused. The Tyvek packet is resistant to moisture and is more durable compared to the paper wrapped desiccant alternatives to ensure the desiccant packets can be recharged and put back in service many times.

Simply drop one desiccant packet in each of your M2A1 50 cal or M19A1 30 cal ammo cans before closing the lid for effective, long-term, moisture-free, ammo storage. Don't put your ammo at risk by relying on one-size-fits-all, foreign sourced desiccant kits! Choose a professionally sourced, hand calculated, desiccant kit that uses name brand, USA Made, high quality components!

Ammo Can Desiccant Specs:
  • Quantity 10 -  Clay based Desiccant packets 
  • Non-corrosive
  • Rechargeable at 245 degrees for 16 hours
  • Shipped in Foil Moisture Barrier
  • Durable Tyvek packet
  • Specifically sized for M2A1/M19A1 ammo cans
  • High quality USA Made
  • MIL-D-3464 Type I & II
  • MIL-D-3436, MIL-I-8835 
  • J-STD-033D

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