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4 Pack - 30cal M19A1 Ammo Cans w/ Wood Crate
4 Pack - 30cal M19A1 Ammo Cans w/ Wood Crate

4 Pack - 30cal M19A1 Ammo Cans w/ Wood Crate

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4 Like New 30 Caliber Size Steel Ammo Cans in Authentic Wood Ammo Crate
Part Number: M19A1-4
Availability: On Hand! Hooyah!
Quantity Four - Made in USA, M19A1 30cal Steel Ammo Cans In Matching Wood Ammo Crate 

The current lot of 30 cal ammo cans we are offering are the cleanest, military-spec, 30cal surplus ammo cans available, and at prices much lower than new!  We have sold thousands of these cans and received outstanding feedback and repeat purchases.

Our high quality, "once-opened" surplus ammo cans are acquired in like-new condition and are the only M19A1 30cal ammo cans available in the original military wood ammunition crates.  Get the same high quality, Made in the USA, steel ammo cans the military uses, but in better condition than the actual military surplus ammo cans sold at government auction. Each 30 cal M19A1 ammo can is labeled for 200rds of M80 "ball" 7.62mm ammunition with a white sticker. Appearance of the ammo crates and cans may vary based on production lot, manufacturer and the various types of wood that are used to construct the ammo crates.

Each crate of ammo cans is individually packaged in a cardboard box to prevent damage to the crate during shipping.  Some of the cans may have minor cosmetic scuffs from jostling around inside the crate during shipping, but otherwise are like new.

The 30 cal size ammo cans are the perfect size for transporting ammo and shooting supplies to the range.  30 cal ammo cans can fit enough ammo for high round count training sessions, but are much lighter than a loaded 50 cal ammo can. Ammo cans are ideal low-cost, waterproof, long-term storage containers, are an excellent foundation for do-it-yourself projects, and make great tool boxes.

Why buy ammo cans from
  • 5000+ M19A1 ammo cans sold with zero complaints
  • Guaranteed to be the cleanest surplus cans available
  • Appear to be new - rust, spray paint and dent free
  • 100% stored inside
  • Interior of cans are spotless and appear brand new
  • All steel construction
  • Waterproof storage - Rubber seals protect the contents of can from moisture

M19A1 Ammo Can Specs:
  • Outside Dimension: 10-3/4" x 3-3/4" x 7"
  • Inside Dimension: 10" x 3-1/2" x 6-1/2"
  • Color: Olive Drab
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs each
  • Easily holds 500rds of .223/5.56 or 1000rds of 9mm
* Note - The specific appearance of the cans and crates may vary. The crates are all the same design, but the wood and exterior markings may vary


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