PA-120 40mm Ammo Cans Back in Stock
40mm PA-120 ammo cans are back in stock! We recently took advantage of the opportunity to make a special purchase of a truck load of surplus 40mm ammo cans. We don’t normally have access to this size through our normal supply chain and are not sure if we will be able to get them again, so get them while they are hot!

The 40mm ammo can is the perfect size for general purpose, waterproof storage. Bolt one of these down to your trailer and you have a dry storage compartment for your chains, binders, and straps. 
These ammunition cans are also great for storing recovery gear on atvs, side-by-sides, off-road and construction vehicles. The 40mm ammo can also makes a great faraday cage to shield your essential electronics from an electromagnetic pulse.

Once you have sorted your brass for your ammunition reloading operation, store it in a 40mm ammo can. You can fit much more in these large ammo cans than the traditional M2A1 50 cal size ammo can or the M19A1 30 cal ammo can.

Going camping or canoeing? The PA-120 ammo box can keep your dry goods dry and protected. With two heavy duty handles on each side, the 40mm ammo can is easy to transport and carry, even when loaded heavy.
The larger size of these cans make them ideal for keeping larger valuables dry and protected from the elements. With a heavy duty latch on each side, steel side bracing and a thick rubber seal in the lid, the 40mm ammo can is a rugged storage solution to keep your valuables dry in the toughest conditions. 

Back by popular demand, the 40mm ammo can is a versatile container for bigger jobs. The uses are endless, but the supply is not. Order a 2 pack of 40mm PA-120 ammo cans today!