Things don’t always go according to plan, especially when dealing with Mother Nature or third party vendors. It’s in these moments that you find out the true character of who you are dealing with. We recently were faced with a situation that gave us the opportunity to show our true colors after a package containing a crate of 30 cal ammo cans was lost in transit. It may have cost us a few extra dollars to replace the ammo cans, but receiving feedback like the below message from the affected customer is well worth it! Rather than referring the customer to the shipping vendor to handle the loss of his ammo can order himself, we sent out a replacement right away and worked with the shipper on our end so the customer didn’t have to. Please take a moment to read the note from the affected customer upon receipt of his replacement order of clean ammo cans:

“Received my ammo cans. Arrived in two days and in great shape. Thanks for rectifying the loss of 1 crate of four 30cal cans. We still don't know where it ended up. The package of stripper clips was greatly appreciated, as well. I have since talked your company up on a couple of internet forums. Some were familiar with you, and repeated what I said regarding the quality of your products and your wonderful customer service. Others said they'd check you out, as they were looking to replace their ammo cans that fell short of expectations from other sources. Shoddy build, dents, rust, etc. Hopefully you will experience an uptick in sales in the immediate future. Thanks again!”

Rest assured, when you order from you will receive top-notch products backed by rock solid customer service and a money back guarantee.  For the cleanest surplus ammo cans and stripper clips, look no further than!