Fat 50 PA108 SAW 5.56 Grade 1 Ammo Cans Now Available!
The PA-108 size ammo can is now in stock at CleanAmmoCans.com! Also known as the “Fat 50” or “SAW can,” the PA-108 size of ammo can is highly sought after due to its larger size when compared to the M2A1 “50 cal” size ammo can. The Fat 50 ammo can is capable of holding a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t suffer from the increased weight and bulk of many of the larger, heavy duty ammo cans. Most commonly used for the transport of linked ammunition for the venerable M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, or SAW, the Fat 50 is the perfect compromise between ease of transport and capacity.

This particular batch of Fat 50 ammo cans are US military surplus and in Grade 1, excellent condition. Each can has been sorted and hand selected to be in the best condition. You’ve asked for them, we’ve now got them. Don’t miss this opportunity to get original, USA Made, mil-spec Fat 50s in great condition! The cans are available in packs of two while supplies last.