Happy belated New Year everyone! 2018 was another year of growth for Clean Ammo Cans that brought new products, new relationships, and many new customers. It has been a pleasure interacting with the many of you that have reached out for assistance, or sent us emails providing your feedback on our products and service. For 2019, we are excited to continue exploring new ways we can better serve our customers. Based on your feedback, we are introducing 6 and 12 packs of like new, USA Made, Mil-Spec, M19A1 30 cal size ammo cans. For customers requiring a half dozen or more cans, these new bulk packs of ammo cans will reduce the shipping expense as well as the per can price, offering a more economical solution for higher volume ammo can applications. It is now possible to get a larger quantity of clean, like new, once opened, 30 cal M19A1 ammo cans shipped to your door for much less than before!

Don’t worry, we will still be offering the 4 pack of M19A1 30 cal cans in the wood ammunition crates. The ammo cans in the wood crates are the best quality cans we offer based on the protection the wood crates provide in transit. These cans have the lowest occurrence of surface dings and scratches but we realize not every application requires that level of protection, and with it, the additional shipping expense of the crate.  For higher quantity applications, we are excited to offer the option of ordering Grade 1 surplus 30 cal ammunition cans in quantity of 6 and 12 and think this will provide a new solution that was previously lacking. For larger bulk ammo can orders, please reach out to us directly by emailing [email protected] for a delivered quote.  We can accommodate orders of all sizes and offer competitive wholesale and bulk pricing for pallet sized ammo can orders.

The current lot of M19A1 30 cal ammo boxes we have for the new bulk packs of 30 cal ammo cans will have white removable stickers. Most of the cans will have a white sticker for Federal 5.56 ammunition or M80 7.62 ammunition. For those that wish to have their cans with no lettering, this is the best choice since the stickers peel off easily leaving a clean can with no external markings. The stickers peel best and leave little to no residue when the cans are at room temperature or greater. On occasion, some of the cans may have printed lettering or stenciled type based on variations between the lots of ammo cans. Due to the surplus nature of this product, appearance and markings may vary. As always, if you have a special request for the lettering on your cans, please let us know by leaving a comment on your order during the checkout process in the shopping cart.