The Upgraded M2A2 Ammo Cans Are Now Available! is excited to announce the arrival of the elusive M2A2 50 cal size 5.56 ammo cans! We’ve had them trickling in periodically for the past couple of months but have finally amassed a large enough lot to reliably provide them as an option to our customers. The M2A2 model of ammo can is still hard to find since they have only been utilized for military spec ammunition within the last couple years and have not fully hit the military surplus market yet. Commercial ammo is still shipping from Lake City in M2A1 cans. Read on to learn about the M2A2 ammo can design improvement!

So what’s the difference between the M2A1 50 cal ammo can and the M2A2? The M2A2 ammo can adds a metal support bracket on the latch assembly to prevent the seal in the lid from getting crushed when full ammo cans are stacked on top of each other. The M2A1 ammo cans do not have this bracket which forces the rubber seal in the lid of the ammo can to support any weight on top of the can leading to seal failure. This is not an issue if you are storing your ammo cans inside the original wire-bound wood ammo crate since the crates are load bearing and designed to prevent seal distortion on the cans inside.

As you may have noticed, the current production Lake City M2A2 ammo cans are all digital white type. Unfortunately, the classic yellow stenciled ammo cans are discontinued for the 50 cal size of cans coming from Lake City as they have updated their labeling equipment. We still have a couple pallets of the older style yellow stenciled Lake City M2A1 5.56 ammo cans available through the M2A1 ammo can listing.