New Year 2018 Ammo Can Blitz!

Happy New Year! At we are bidding farewell to the fantastic year that was 2017, and welcoming 2018 with a New Year’s ammo can blitz! We are so grateful to our loyal customers that continue to support us; we are going to give back by offering our high quality USA made ammo cans at discounted rates for the first two weeks of the year. This is a great opportunity to stock up and save 15% on the finest USGI surplus ammo cans in the country.

We look back on 2017 with mixed emotions. 2017 was the first full year online for us at after making the transition from local sales, gun shows and online marketplaces to our own dedicated website. Making the jump was not easy, but it was rewarding. As a veteran-owned small business, we were able to capitalize on many skills from our military service; unfortunately web development and ecommerce were not included! We look back on 2017 and are proud of how far we have come, but also are reminded of the challenge and adversity that stepping into the unfamiliar online arena brought with it. Entrepreneurship is a lonely and difficult road, but if we can do it, anyone can!

Even for a site as small as ours, there was a tremendous amount of learning to be done to get it off the ground and running smoothly. 2017 was a great shakedown run that allowed us to work out the kinks and hone our skills. As we pass the one year mark, we are now sitting on a solid foundation of systems, processes and confidence, and are excited for 2018 and the opportunities it will bring. We have been steadily adding products and look forward to continuing our growth and outstanding customer service in 2018.

We hope you will continue the journey with us and we look forward to continuing to be your preferred source for the finest ammo cans, stripper clips, and surplus ammunition products. And with that, the January 2018 Ammo Can Blitz is off and running! Please enjoy 15% savings on all ammo cans site-wide. The 15% markdown is applied when any of our like-new ammo can products are added to the shopping cart. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback!