The Clean Ammo Cans Unboxing Experience!

Hello All! We recently received some outstanding feedback from a new customer after they received their first order and are so excited, we can’t help but share it!  We especially want to share it for those that have not yet purchased from us so you know what you can expect. When you order from, you are getting new quality goods – not the traditional military surplus you are used to.  Our ammo cans, stripper clips, and bandoliers are mil-spec, but have never been issued and are in like-new condition (unless otherwise noted). Read-on to hear about the unboxing experience and first impression of one of our most recent customers!

"Got your delivery today!  All I can say is wow!  I was in the army myself and there’s no way you can convince me those ammo cans were ever used by the military. When we did range cleanups they would just throw everything in the back of a deuce and a half so the cans would get banged up or scratched."

"You guys really care about what you are doing. Everything about my order was top notch. Great packing job. The cans were so fresh when I opened one of the cans you could hear the air escaping. This was the best internet purchasing transaction I have ever had. I’ve got a bunch of brass bullets etc on the way so I’ll be in great shape. Thanks again!"

What makes unique is the fact our ammo cans and stripper clips are procured from the private defense industry in new condition, rather than the government. This means the items you are receiving from us have never made it down to the unit level, been subject to rough rides in military vehicles, banged around on the firing line, or stored outside subject to the elements.  Instead, our items are stored inside and are completely sheltered from the elements.

In addition to their rough handling, actual military surplus ammo cans in most cases are required to have their lids removed so it can quickly be verified that the ammo cans are empty. In the past, ammo cans that were thought to be empty were actually filled with ammo and sold at auction. In response, military surplus ammo cans are now palletized with the lids removed, and stacked in a manner so it can be verified the ammo cans are empty. This is good for ensuring no live ammo is given away to the public, but is bad for the ammo cans and seals since they fill with water and sit for long periods of time before being sold.

When you purchase from, you are getting new quality, Made in the USA, military specification ammo cans, stripper clips, and bandoliers, but paying surplus prices. We are the only source for ammo cans, stripper clips and bandoliers of this quality without paying retail prices. In addition, we are also the only place in the country that offers new quality ammo cans in their original wire-bound, military ammunition crates. Rest assured, when you order from us, you will receive quality that exceeds the price point.