Ditch Your Mil-Spec Stripper Clip Guides Forever - Viking 556SC Stripper Clip Speedloader Now Available!
Its time to up your stripper clip game! Cleanammocans.com is proud to announce the addition of the Viking Speedloaders 5.56SC stripper clip loader to our product line-up.  Not only are we excited to offer our customers a faster way to load their AR15 magazines when using our stripper clips, we are also excited because this product is the best at what it does! Check out the new Viking 5.56SC speedloader and ditch your mil-spec, stamped steel stripper clip guides forever.

Viking Speedloaders is relatively new to the game, so naturally we were a little skeptical at some of the claims. At first glance, the product appears so simple it is easy to dismiss. But its simplicity is one of its biggest strengths. The team at Viking Speedloaders evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of its competitors and engineered this product to do everything better. While primarily designed for the military, the Viking 5.56SC is perfect for recreational shooters and is faster and easier than the standard, stamped steel, mil-spec, stripper clip guides.

Before we were comfortable adding the Viking Speedloaders 5.56SC stripper clip loader to our product line-up, we needed to test the product to make sure it works as advertised. We sent a couple of the 5.56SC speedloaders with two firearms instructors to a two day, expert level carbine course to put the product through its paces while shooting mil-spec XM855 “green tip” 62gr 5.56 on stripper clips. After two days on the range with the Viking 5.56SC, both our testers were impressed. Not only did they say they would recommend the product to their students, they also said it was the best speedloader they had ever used. 

They were impressed by the ease of operation and the speed they were able to get all their ammunition loaded. They were able to load all their magazines in a fraction of the time it took the other people on the range that were loading by hand. They were also able to load their magazines in place at the firing line since a table or hard surface is not required. All they needed was their ammo can and the speedloader at the firing line.

The 5.56SC works with all stripper clip compatible AR15 magazines to include the Magpul PMAG and other high quality polymer magazines. One important observation regarding the Viking Speedloader, the user must be sure the stripper clip is grounded fully in the speedloader and behind the lower lip for proper function. When this simple condition is met, the ammo effortlessly streams into the magazine in a very gratifying, and repeatable manner. It is easy to see why our product testers got so excited about this thing. It makes loading stripper clips into 30 round magazines simple and effortless.

Many shooters can’t believe they wasted so much time loading their magazines by hand before discovering the marvel of stripper clipped ammunition. The Viking Speedloaders 5.56SC takes the advantage of stripper clipped ammunition to the next level by drastically improving the speed and ease of loading the stripper clips into the magazine. Cleanammocans.com is proud to offer the Viking Speedloaders 5.56SC and truly believe it is the finest stripper clip speedloader on the market. If you are a stripper clip user, we encourage you to check it out!