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  2. What is so special about the wire-bound wood crate?
Military ammunition is packaged in a way to ensure it can be stored outdoors for at least ten years.  The ammo can and ammo crate are specially designed to ensure the 10 year un-sheltered storage requirement is met. The wire-bound wood crate is designed to preserve the rubber seals of the cans housed inside the crate during longterm storage when storage limitations dictate that ammo be stacked tall to save space.  If ammo cans are stacked on top of each other, the weight of the cans on lid is distributed directly to the rubber seal, compromising its ability to seal moisture from the can over time as the seal flattens.  The wood crate is designed to distribute the weight of the objects stacked on top of it, relieving the ammo can and its seal of the weight of the ammo stacked on top of it, preserving the waterproof seal of the ammo can.

The crates are also just plain cool! They add a historic, or authentic touch to any firearms collection. 

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