We’re not sure if you have noticed, but ammo can based products are hot in the craft product scene!  Ammo can humidors, ammo can blue tooth speakers, ammo can beer bottle carriers, ammo can groomsman gifts, personalized ammo cans, ammo can gift boxes and the list goes on.  Pinterest and Etsy are riddled with unique and creative ideas for ammo cans.  CleanAmmoCans.com is excited to support the growth of ammo can craft product entrepreneurs and merchandisers nationwide by providing competitively priced, like new condition, wholesale M2A1 50 cal ammo cans and M19A1 30 cal ammo cans.  If you need top quality ammo cans in large quantities for your commercial application, look no further than CleanAmmoCans.com!

CleanAmmoCans.com has earned a loyal following on the retail scene for our authentic, high quality, made in the USA, military spec ammo cans, stripper clips, and bandoliers, and is building on that success by offering our products in bulk at competitive, wholesale prices.  We back up our high quality product offering with top-notch service and strict quality standards.  We understand your time is valuable and take every step possible to offer a full-service purchase experience tailored to your specific requirements.  In addition to professional service, every ammo can that leaves our facility is inspected, cleaned, rated, sorted and professionally packaged to ensure you only receive ammo cans fit to have the name of your company put on the side.

While we specialize in genuine, US government ammo cans in Grade 1 condition, we can also provide Grade 2 condition cans when the requirement for quality is less stringent.  Our Grade 2 cans are still superior to US government surplus cans sold at auction, but are just not quite at the quality level to be considered “like new,” like our Grade 1 rated ammo cans.  CleanAmmoCans.com Grade 1 surplus ammo cans are once-opened, stored indoors and guaranteed to be free of rust, dents, and damage.

If you have a need for bulk ammo cans, an idea for creatively marketing your product in an ammo can as a gift or special edition boxed set, or just have a question, please reach out to us at [email protected].  We offer competitive freight options to minimize your per can shipping cost and stand behind every ammo can we sell.  CleanAmmoCans.com is your source for wholesale ammo cans and is excited at the opportunity to add your company to our long list of satisfied commercial customers!