Feed Your Family in Emergencies with Military Grade MREs!

Ensure you and your family are self-sustainable in a crisis with Sopako Sure-Pak MREs! In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent unrest, MREs seem like a good thing to have on-hand. Sopako is one of the main manufacturers of US Military Meals, Ready-To-Eat (MREs) and uses those same components in their civilian available MREs. CleanAmmoCans.com is happy to announce the addition of Sopako Sure-Pak – 12, Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) with heaters to our product line-up! Of course, MREs are also useful for natural disasters, camping, hikes, outdoor activities without hot meal options etc. Regardless of the reason, having a few long shelf life meal options on-hand is a really good idea. 

Sopako knows a thing or two about prepared meals. Sopakco is one of the three vendors to the United States government for the military MREs and has been producing quality food solutions since 1943. Additionally, Sopakco is a recent recipient of the Gold Level Award by DLA. This top-level award is given to product vendors of the U.S. Military who demonstrate outstanding quality. 

The Sure-Pak 12 line of MREs is the longest-available civilian MRE on the market and is made of the same components as the military MREs with the omission of the toilet paper, candy, gum and hot sauce. The Sure-Pak MREs contain between 950 and 1250 calories per meal and a heating element to thoroughly warm the meal before consumption. However, each meal is capable of being eaten cold as they are fully cooked. Each Sure-Pak 12 case comes with 12 meals, composed of six different, surprisingly good tasting menu options. You will get two of each of the six menu offerings in each Sure-Pak 12 MRE case. The menus from Sopakco rotate frequently to ensure there is variety in the menus for repeat consumers.

How long does a Sopako Sure-Pak MRE last? Check out the table below. Sure-Pak Meals can be stored for up to five years based on storage temperature. This is known as “shelf life.” Shelf life may be extended if stored in a cool temperature. Heat may shorten shelf life. Freezing is not recommended as it may damage the seal on the pouches used to package the entrees and side dishes, causing them to spoil. 

Temperature Shelf Life:
70° Fahrenheit 5.5 years
80° Fahrenheit 4 years
90° Fahrenheit 2.5 years
100° Fahrenheit 1.5 years

We evaluated the available MRE options that were most similar to what we ate on active duty and chose the Sure-Pak as the best MRE option. These are the closest you can get to Military MREs on the civilian market and are purchased factory direct from current production to guarantee the freshest possible meals with the longest shelf life. Don’t settle for surplus meals that are approaching the end of their shelf life!

Sopako Sure-Pak 12 MRE Contents:
12 Meals
2 each of 6 Menus
Ration Heater
Side Dish
Bread Item
Beverage Powder
Moist Towelette