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7.62/.30 Cal 100rd M240 Bandolier USGI New
Shot Gun Shell Boxes fit Perfectly in M240 7.62 Bandoliers

7.62/.30 Cal 100rd M240 Bandolier USGI New

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7.62/30 Cal M240 100rd Machine Gun Bandolier USGI
Part Number: 1PKT-762
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1 -  7.62/.30 Cal M240 100rd Bandolier Like New USGI   

Quantity one, USGI surplus M240B 7.62 caliber 100 round machine gun bandolier in new condition. M240 7.62 bandoliers are originally shipped with military 7.62 ammunition inside of an M19A1 30 cal ammo can. Each M19A1 ammo can will hold two bandoliers containing a 100 round linked belt of 7.62 ammunition per bandolier for a total of 200 rounds per ammo can.

All 100 round 7.62 M240 bandoliers are in excellent, like new condition. The 7.62 M240 machine gun bandoliers happen to be the same size as a standard sized box of shotgun shells and make great shotgun shell bandoliers.

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