Wholesale New Production US Gov / Mil-Spec Ammo Cans in Stock
The war in Ukraine has placed unique strain on the global ammunition industry. The extreme demand for ammunition and ordnance to support the war effort has strained the supply chain and created a shortage of military specification M2A2, M19a1, and PA-108 ammunition cans. Traditional sources for military grade small arms ammo cans are not accepting new orders as they concentrate on filling the orders they already have, rendering defense contractors unable to procure ammo cans to package their products.

Clean Ammo Cans is happy to announce that we have a large inventory of new production, certified/compliant, US military spec, small arms ammunition cans available for immediate shipment. The on-hand sizes of mil-spec ammo cans include the M19A1, M2A2 and PA108 ammunition cans. The necessary paperwork to verify compliance with MIL-DTL-3060G is available. If you require US government specification ammunition cans that are MIL-DTL-3060G compliant to package your products, we probably have them on-hand!