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Sopako Sure-Pak - 12 MRE Case w/ Heaters
Sopako Sure-Pak 12 Military Grade MREs

Sopako Sure-Pak - 12 MRE Case w/ Heaters

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New Production Sopako SurePak-12 MRE Case - 12 Meals with Heaters
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12 Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) With Heaters - Sopakco SurePak-12

Ensure you and your family are fed during the next crisis with a 12 meal case of Mil-Spec, shelf table, waterproof, Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) by Sopako. We evaluated a lot of survival meal options of varying quality before settling on the SurePak meals by Sopakco. We were comfortable with the quality of the USGI MREs we ate while on active duty and wanted to make those same meals available to our customers. Sopakco has been producing military rations in the USA since 1943, and is one of the largest manufacturers of MREs for the US Government. The SurePak MREs are the consumer packaged version of the MREs produced for the Department of Defense, and are the longest produced line of civilian MRE. Quality is a major factor for MREs since many times they are stored for emergencies when nutrition and calories are vital. An emergency is not the time to find a faulty heater, or a spoiled meal due to faulty packaging.

Sure-Pak Meals were originally developed for use by the military for times when formal meal preparation was not possible. The meals are fully cooked, nutritious, lightweight, and simple to store. This has made them popular for emergency preparedness meals as well as on-the-go meals for hikers, campers, hunters, preppers and other outdoor enthusiasts. We like to take MREs with us while on ATV trips and all-day range outings.

The SurePak MRE meals contain the same high-quality meal components and have the same amount of calories as the military MRE. The only difference between the MREs produced for the US military and the SurePak meals are a clear exterior bag instead of brown, and the omission of the toilet paper, gum, candy, and matches. The taste, components, quality, and shelf life are identical since the components are exactly the same. 

Each SurePak-12 meal case is packed 2 each, of 6 different menus for a total of 12 meals. Entrée selection varies with each production run to provide menu variation for repeat or frequent consumers.

The MREs offered by are current production, purchased directly from the manufacturer to ensure you receive the freshest meal with the longest available shelf life. 

Sure-Pak Meals can be stored for up to five years based on storage temperature. This is known as “shelf life.” Shelf life may be extended if stored in a cool temperature. Heat may shorten shelf life. Freezing is not recommended as it may damage the seal on the pouches used to package the entrees and side dishes, causing them to spoil. Temperature Shelf Life*

70° Fahrenheit 5.5 years
80° Fahrenheit 4 years
90° Fahrenheit 2.5 years
100° Fahrenheit 1.5 years

Sopako Sure-Pak 12 MRE Contents:
  • 12 Meals
  • 2 each of 6 Menus
  • Ration Heater
  • Entree
  • Side Dish
  • Dessert
  • Bread Item
  • Spread
  • Beverage Powder
  • Spoon
  • Condiments
  • Coffee
  • Moist Towelette

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