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Viking 5.56SC .223/5.56 Speedloader
556SC Viking Stripper Clip Speedloader

Viking 5.56SC .223/5.56 Speedloader

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Easily load stripper clipped ammo with a USA made Viking 5.56SC Speedloader!
Part Number: 556SC
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Viking 556SC Stripper Clip Speedloader 

Work smarter, not harder when loading your stripper clipped ammo with the 5.56SC stripper clip speedloader from Viking Speedloaders! Using a stripper clip speedloader is the best way to load stripper clips into your AR-15 magazines. The 5.56SC is a faster, easier alternative to standard, stamped steel, mil-spec, stripper clip guides. It is a natural accessory for stripper clip ammo shooters since it requires much less time and effort compared to standard stripper clip charging spoons, and can even be used without a hard surface. Double down on the time savings of stripper clipped ammo with the Viking 5.56SC Speedloader!

The inspiration for the 5.56SC was feedback from contacts within the special operations community that wanted a durable, easy to use stripper clip loader that would not fail in critical situations. The ideal speedloader had be durable and reliable across a full spectrum of temperatures and operational environments, as well as fast! Based on these requirements, the 5.56SC was constructed from a rigid, proprietary polymer with a simple design and minimal moving parts for unmatched durability in all environments. The 5.56SC has been tested in high temperature desert environments all the way down to -40 degree mountain conditions without fail.

Spend your range days shooting, not jamming mags! For lightning fast magazine reloads, pick up a Viking 556SC Stripperclip speedloader with your next order of clean, like-new stripper clips!

556SC Stripper Clip Speedloader Facts:

  • Made in the USA
  • Designed and assembled by veterans
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • For use with 10rd mil-spec 5.56/.223 stripper clips
  • Easily load a 30rd AR15 magazine in 8 seconds
  • Constructed of high-strength proprietary polymer
  • Jam mags without a table or hard surface
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

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