Wholesale Ammo Cans

In addition to providing the finest new condition, surplus, USGI ammo cans to an expanding base of loyal retail customers, we also offer wholesale and bulk ammo can and stripper clip solutions for high volume OEM and commercial applications. Save money on large ammo can and stripper clip orders by taking advantage of pallet shipping options and aggressive wholesale pricing from CleanAmmoCans.com.

We have a massive inventory of new condition M19A1 30 cal ammo cans, and 50 cal size M2A1/M2A2 5.56 ammo cans to fulfill pallet-sized bulk and recurring wholesale orders at prices that can’t be beat. Increase your profit margin on OEM applications to include large export ammunition contracts by purchasing new condition, UN rated, USA made, military specification ammo cans at surplus prices. By ordering through us, you get access to new condition ammo cans for far less than purchasing new.

We frequently fulfill bulk, pallet sized ammo can and stripper clip orders for a variety of applications to include OEM manufacturers, ammunition reloaders, ammo can based craft products, military veteran themed retail companies fulfilling orders in ammo cans, outdoor survival companies and as general purpose waterproof packaging for miscellaneous commercial goods.

Our ammo cans are labeled for US military ammunition in their standard format and are rated according to international standards. For applications that require blank ammo cans, we can “de-mil” the cans with matching olive drab paint to remove the original external markings to accommodate a wider variety of wholesale and export packaging applications. Wholesale ammo cans are available inside the original wood ammunition crates, or loose to maximize freight savings. Each pallet of ammo cans is shrink wrapped and securely banded.

Due to the size and weight of bulk ammo can shipments, it is important to take a few factors into consideration in order to minimize the per unit shipping cost. The freight cost difference between a half pallet and full pallet is small since the pallet occupies the same floor space in the freight carrier's trailer. Thus, it is most cost effective to order as close to a full pallet as possible since you are paying about the same price for shipping either way. We consider a full pallet of 50 cal size M2A1/M2A2 ammo cans to be 216 cans when shipped loose. A full pallet holds 360 M19A1 30 cal ammo cans when shipped loose. When the ammo cans are shipped in the original wood ammo crates, we can fit 108 - 50 cal size M2A1/M2A2 ammo crates that include 2 cans each, and 72 M19A1 30 cal crates that include 4 ammo cans each per crate on each pallet.

Please email sales@cleanammocans.com or use our contact us link with your delivery address and specific requirements for a quote on wholesale stripper clips and ammo cans.