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Through unique relationships with our partners in the defense industry, we are able to offer high quality, lightly used surplus ammo cans, stripper clips and bandoliers that appear to be new, but at prices significantly lower than retail. We are so confident in the quality of our products, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on everything we sell.

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How to Recharge Ammo Can Desiccant Without Burning It

The desiccant sold by is a premium moisture absorption solution that is specially sized for the volume of small arms ammo cans to ensure your expensive ammo stays protected from moisture during long-term ammo storage. But what do you do if you need to open the ammo can at some point to put additional ammo inside or pull some ammo out, introducing new moisture into the can? In contrast to cheaper desiccant products or silica-based moisture absorbers, our clay-based desiccant is reusable after a simple “reactivation” process. However, the instructions printed on the packets are specifically written for military applications and may not provide good results for home use with a consumer grade oven. Read on to learn how to reliably reactivate your desiccant at home!

Feed Your Family in Emergencies with Military Grade MREs!

Ensure you and your family are self-sustainable in a crisis with Sopako Sure-Pak MREs! In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent unrest, MREs seem like a good thing to have on-hand. Sopako is one of the main manufacturers of US Military Meals, Ready-To-Eat (MREs) and uses those same components in their civilian available MREs. We evaluated the available MRE options and chose the Sure-Pak as the best MRE option based on quality and taste. These are the closest you can get to Military MREs on the civilian market and are purchased factory direct from current production to guarantee the freshest possible meals with the longest shelf life. Don’t settle for surplus meals that are approaching the end of their shelf life!

PA-60 US Military Ammo Can Night Vision Storage Cases - Unissued!

New-Old-Stock PA-60 Night Vision Cases now on-hand at! These night vision ammo can cases are rare and available in very limited quantity. Most are in new condition. Many were received in the original manufacturer’s packaging. Protect your expensive night vision or other sensitive devices for much less than comparably sized Pelican cases. Read more about them in our blog or check them out here:

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