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7 Pack - USGI 4 Pocket .223/5.56 Bandolier Kit
5.56 Bandoliers

7 Pack - USGI 4 Pocket .223/5.56 Bandolier Kit

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Like New USGI Bandoliers and Sleeves to Re-Pack 840rds of .223/5.56 Ammunition
Part Number: 4PKT-7
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7 Pack - Like New USGI 4 Pocket .223/5.56 Bandolier Kit  

Re-pack your ammo to military specification with genuine USGI 4 pocket bandoliers! This kit will provide enough bandoliers to re-pack one M2A1/M2A2 ammo can with 840 rounds of your own 5.56 ammunition. Add M2A1 ammo cans and stripper clips from to perform a complete military spec ammo repack. Stripper clips are not included with this bandolier kit.

Each 4 pocket bandolier is in new condition and includes the original safety pin, stripper clip guide and 4 cardboard silencer inserts. Seven bandoliers are enough to fill an M2A1 ammo can with the 840rds of 5.56 ammo originally packed in the military 5.56 ammo cans. Each bandolier holds 120rds of 5.56 or .223 ammunition with 30rds in each of the 4 pockets. Each pocket is intended to hold three, loaded 10rd stripper clips inside a cardboard insert. Once you load the ammo from the bandolier into your magazines, rip out the white stitching to expand the bandolier pockets to house the loaded magazines.

Military spec 62gr 5.56 ammunition ships from the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in a M2A1 ammo can, with the ammo on 10rd stripper clips and packed in seven, 120rd bandoliers per can. This re-pack kit provides the appropriate number of bandoliers, stripper clip guides and cardboard sleeves to re-pack one M2A1 ammo can to original spec with 840rds of ammunition.

Ammo Re-Pack Kit Specs:
  • (7) 4-Pocket 120rd bandoliers
  • (7) Stripper clip guides 
  • (28) 5.56 cardboard ammo sleeves
  • (7) safety pins
  • Enough bandoliers and sleeves for 840rds of .223/5.56 ammunition
  • Contains no ammo
  • Ammo can and stripper clips sold separately

Packing the bandoliers into the ammo can is easy, as long as you know the way to do it. The following Youtube video shows how to pack the bandoliers into a single M2A1 ammo can:

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