Knowledge Bank - Clean Ammo Cans

How are wire-bound wood ammunition crates packaged for shipment?

Ammunition crates are discreetly packaged in cardboard boxes to protect the crate during transit and to prevent the prying eyes of the neighborhood from observing what appears to be a delivery of military ammunition arriving at your home.

What is a once-opened ammo can and why should I care?

At the most basic level, ammo cans are containers that protect ammo during transport and storage. The ammo cans offered for sale on were used to transport ammo from the manufacturer to the customer, where the lids were only opened

What is a once-unloaded stripper clip?

Like once-opened ammo cans, once-unloaded stripper clips are in excellent condition and have only been handled once, when the ammunition was removed from the clip by hand, not jammed into a magazine. After the ammo is removed from the clips, they ar

What is so special about the wire-bound wood crate?

Military ammunition is packaged in a way to ensure it can be stored outdoors for at least ten years. The ammo can and ammo crate are specially designed to ensure the 10 year un-sheltered storage requirement is met. The wire-bound wood crate is desig

Why didn't I receive an order confirmation?

We automatically provide an order confirmation via email when you place an order, and when the item ships. We send these messages to the email address provided during the checkout process. The most common reason an email confirmation or shipping noti