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6 Pack - New 50cal Size M2A2 Ammo Cans
M2A2 50 Cal Size US Military Spec Ammo Cans

6 Pack - New 50cal Size M2A2 Ammo Cans

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6 - New M2A2 50 Cal Size Steel 5.56 Ammo Cans
Part Number: N-M2A2-6
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Quantity Six - New US Military M2A2 50cal Size Steel Ammo Cans

New production US Military Issue ammo cans are hard to find but they are worth it! Get quantity six, high quality, US military grade, M2A2 steel ammo cans. Unlike cheaper Chinese replica cans, these cans are produced to US military standards by one of the US Government's approved manufacturers to the US Army Ammunition Plant. These cans are built and inspected to ensure they meet US military quality standards. In fact, this manufacturer is know for exceeding military standards and produces the finest ammo cans on the market. The M2A2 design ammo can is the current version in use by the US military and includes a seal support bar and upgraded hinge assembly to increase the life of the seal and the durability of the lid assembly. Each ammo can is packaged inside a plastic bag to reduce handling and transport damage and is shipped discreetly in a cardboard box via UPS ground.

Each M2A2 50 cal ammo can is powder coated olive drab without any labeling. Corrosion resistance is one of advantages of these cans. The manufacturer applies a zinc phosphate coating which provides corrosion resistance and acts a primer for the olive drab powder coat. The seals are military grade and far exceed the standard rubber seals found on non-military spec cans. The military requires the seals to be manufactured from a high grade synthetic material which far exceeds the longevity and durability of the conventional rubber seals found in Chinese ammo cans. If the seal fails, the ammo in the can is left vulnerable to moisture intrusion without any warning or awareness for the owner. The seals are just one of many differentiating features that make US military spec ammo cans far superior to foreign knock offs.

Ammo cans are a great foundation for a wide variety of do-it-yourself home projects, are a cost-effective waterproof storage solution, and are ideal for transporting ammo to the shooting range. In addition, ammo cans are perfect for organizing your ammunition reloading operation and make great tool boxes. Since military ammo cans are not consumer grade retail items, some of the ammo cans may have light scuffs from handling but are in brand new condition.

M2A2 Ammo Can Specs:
  • Outside Dimension: 11-3/4" x 6" x 7-1/2"
  • Inside Dimension: 11" x 5-1/2" x 7"
  • Color: Olive Drab
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs each
  • Easily holds 1200rds of .223/5.56 or 2200rds of 9mm

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